WVYC is  committed to assisting those choristers who may struggle to afford the costs associated with participating in the choir.

Scholarships & Bursaries

WVYC Fincancial Support Bursaries

WVYC is dedicated to ensuring that cost is not a prohibitive factor for young people participating in the choir. As such, WVYC is offering up to four financial support bursaries to help families who, for various reasons, may find it difficult to afford costs associated with joining WVYC. Bursaries will be granted as a fee waiver to successful recipients.

Please complete the WVYC Financial Support Bursary Application Form and submit it, along with supporting documents, to

Applications for this bursary can be submitted throughout the year and will be applied from the term indicated on the application form. Bursaries are not ongoing. Applicants who wish to continue receiving the bursary beyond its term will need to reapply. Note that information related to financial hardship will be treated in the strictest confidence.